Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Ministry within Christ the Redeemer includes administering the Eucharist to seniors who are no longer able to regularly worship with us.  Eucharist services, including prayers, hymns, scripture readings and a brief homily, occur the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Fleetwood Villa, the home of several Christ Church and Christ the Redeemer parishioners.  The Eucharist is followed by fellowship and story telling over coffee and baked goodies.

Although a Pastoral Care Team exists, a pastoral care attitude percolates throughout our whole church. We are a community with a natural abundance of warmth and caring.  And it shows.  Many informal and seemingly simple things show thoughtful concern and consideration: the altar flowers donated to the Sunday worship are on occasion delivered to someone in distress, along with a good wishes visit. Cards are sent and/or delivered on behalf of the congregation to parishioners and/or their families when there is illness, bereavement, or a major transition.  During times of crisis, sadness or joy, soup and/or meals are delivered to those who are temporarily unable to cook for themselves. Parishioner’s vehicles are sometimes called upon to enable seniors to attend services, events or activities held at our church. The many simple deeds of kindness bubble through everywhere; we as a family care for one another.