Get Involved

Altar Guild – The altar guild prepares the altar for communion, changes the linen hangings for the liturgical season, etc. A few more volunteers to help out once a month would be appreciated.

Bible Study – Host and/or teach a Bible study/prayer/care group.

Dinner Ministry – When people are sick, indisposed or have a new baby, we often ask for volunteers to deliver a casserole.

Fabric Arts – Help make a new artist-designed Advent Chasuble.

Greeters – We could use another four people to be greeters. The greeters also take up the offering as well as welcome people at the door. People would be greeters once every five weeks.

Hobbies – Share a hobby or an interest with the kids or youth in Sunday School.

Hospitality – Invite someone to join you for lunch after church.

Hospitality – Offer to plan a social event, et your creativity flow: bowling night, winery tour, a concert, a play or a movie with a discussion to follow.

Hospitality – Offer to coordinate a potluck or a soup and bun after church.

Cappuccino – Make cappuccinos for special events, or special Sundays (ti helps if you have a cappuccino make you can bring. Or loan yours to the church so someone else can do it, or make a special donation to buy one).

Food Ministry – We would lie to have people sign up to provide food for coffee hour. You can do a light lunch if you would like ,or cookies and baked goods; nothing else says ‘welcome ‘ quite like it.

Ladies’ Guild – Volunteer to help with a fundraiser or social, even if you are not a member or even a lady!

Music – Coordinate a male Gregorian chanters group (no musical experience needed, just enthusiasm!).

Music – Join the choir.

Music – Offer to play an instrument during Sunday worship or other special events.

Nursery – Volunteer for our nursery ministry so our busy parents can have a break on Sunday mornings.

Office administration – Volunteer in the parish office on an occasional basis to help with special projects.

Outreach – Organize or help with an outreach activity or join the outreach committee.

Adopt-a-Poster – Help put up posters in the community for outreach events.

Pastoral care – We would like to expand our pastoral care team to ensure the sick are visited and that people are cared for.

Anniversaries – Keep track of baptismal, funeral, birth, and wedding anniversaries and send a card to people to celebrate.

Prayer ministry – Join and/or help coordinate a prayer ministry during Communion to pray for people.

Seniors’ Tea and Hymn Sing – Help with driving a senior or pour some tea for them.

Sunday School – Volunteer to help teach Sunday School to our little ones.

Super Sundays – Help organize, plan, and carry out a Sunday with a special theme. Blue Grass! Jazz! African! Gospel!

Messy Church – Volunteer to help with Messy Church, especially with crafts and cooking.

Sharing Our Stories – Share your personal journey of faith with the parish to strengthen others and celebrate God’s grace in our lives.

Youth – Help teach a youth Sunday School class.

Youth – Be a youth leader.

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