Did you know that Christ Church and our adjacent cemetery have been featured in movie and TV productions? The heritage church and grounds makes for a great film location.

We welcome location scouts and know how the industry works and how to work with you. If you are interested in using our site with its heritage church, ample off street parking, cemetery (including unconsecrated ground where you can film while having great camera angles through the cemetery to the heritage church) as well as our modern church, give us a call at 604-576-2216 and ask for our priest, Craig. He just has one request: if you are planning on doing an exorcism he has to do it. :-)

Here is a sample: Supernatural Season 8, episode #1 “The problem with Kevin”

What can we say: When Sam and Dean Winchester look for a prophet from the Lord who can close the gates of hell, they come to our heritage Anglican Church. :-)



Season 5, episode 5 “Red Sky”

Alien vs. Predator


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