Christ Church Cemetery

Having a heritage cemetery is a work of love and a rare privilege. Few churches have working cemeteries anymore and the care and maintenance of our cemetery, and its importance to the heritage of Surrey is dear to our heart.

Christ Church Cemetery is located to the West of Old McClellan Road and includes a small amount of property (the heritage cemetery) on the east side of Old McClellan Road.  It is owned by The Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster and is independent of the Parish. Its bylaws were created by and may be amended by the Diocesan Council.  Nevertheless, by virtue of its close proximity to the Parish, the fact that the Bylaws restrict its use mostly to members of the Parish and their families and the fact that many members of its officers and Board are in fact members of the Parish, the Cemetery is closely related to the Parish.

The Cemetery Bylaws prescribe that the Cemetery is to be run by a Cemetery Board appointed by the Diocesan Council which includes in every case the Rector and 2 wardens of the Parish of Christ the Redeemer and 3 person chosen by Diocesan Council. Additional members can be (and have been) added by Diocesan Council after consultation with the Parish.  Officers are also appointed by the Board in accordance with the Bylaws provided that the appointments of the Treasurer and Chair require Diocesan Council ratification.

At present, licences for use of burial and cremation plots are available for sale to parishioners (being members of Vestry) of Christ the Redeemer and their families. Interment of ashes in the memorial garden is available to parishioners of all Anglican parishes and their families.

Cemetery maintenance, which includes repairing areas with sinkage, levelling memorial stones where necessary, grass cutting and removal of windfall, took place. As always, the great assistance given at our two volunteer Work Parties in the Spring and Fall, by parishioners and by non-parishioners who have family buried in our cemetery, was much appreciated.

Please let us know if you would like to give back to the community by volunteering at one of our work parties, or wanting to make a contribution towards its upkeep.